Biggin Hill Hertiage Centre – Our notes from Meeting

This was a well attended meeting which covered a large amount of ground and sought to create an atmosphere where all concerned and interested parties could move ahead.

Much was made of ‘working together’ and ‘team work’. The fact is that each involved section must prove their commitment to the project. The meeting was heated at times but the Chairman, Archdeacon Paul Wright, kept order. Paul announced that Rev Eric Hesslewood would be chaplain to St Georges Chapel; this was a very popular announcement and was greeted with what proved to be the most sustained round of applause of the evening.  The update from the LBB development group was interesting and this, once again, promised opportunities for all concerned groups or individuals.

It would seem that after a stop-start situation which has existed for over thirty years, we may be at the threshold of activity!

Finally, a meeting which commenced in an acrimonious atmosphere did, after ninety minutes close with a sense of reconciliation. This should be maintained as long as the past mistakes and false starts are put behind the various groups represented and a will to move forward is universal. A partnership will only succeed if those involved input equally and share equitably.

The Biggin Hill News Coverage is captured here –,%20urges%20council%20chief%20exec

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