July and August Newsletter

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What a great day was held by all at the Festival on the 4th July, just about perfect weather for us this year, and as usual Biggin Hill Residents Association was able to financially support the afternoon, just one of the things that we spend our “Community Fund” on and is a help for the Biggin Hill Community.


The new Pedestrian Crossing in Main Road, near Edward Road is nearly ready for use, I have been impressed that there has been very little inconvenience to us all, excellent, let’s hope it proves a safe way to cross for everyone.

Fly Tipping. Our local Police report several incidents, one in particular in Grays Road. If you see it taking place DO NOT approach them yourself, if you can get the registration number of any vehicle they are using, pass that on to the Police. It carries a high Fine so the Police need to catch a few to make an example.

Defibrillators.   The new one at Darwin Leisure Centre is now in place, that leaves the One for the Valley. We are still in discussions but it will be in soon. That completes this project, and I’ll send out a list soon to everyone where they can all be found.

Cherry Lodge Golf Club      Met with Brian Bamford just yesterday for an update. The project is coming to the end, just a couple more weeks of Landfill to take in, then some weeks of the opposite – The Road constructed for the Lorries has to be taken up and carted away. I am assured that the Contractors want to get on with that quickly, let’s hope so. After that the entrance in Main Road will be closed up, and all made good. Two quick points: They have absolutely no plans to put in another entrance in Main Road, so let’s scotch that rumour and most of the Lorries you see trundling their way along The Main Road are on they way down to Westerham, where there are two sites in full swing.

Planning     Most of these you may already know, and they can all be found on the Council’s Website / Planning.   The Mcarthy Stone development in Church Road, demolishing numbers 1-9 and building a 3 storey block of 1 and 2 Bed Apartments – Sheltered Housing, / The plans for a block of 4 Apartments on the site of the old Toilet at the top of Temple Road/Main Road / U Do it, main Road, turning the Shop into Flats / Demolishing 30 Arthur Road (Known as The Hermitage in “My Grandfather’s Biggin Hill” building new dwelling / Remember the Old Co-Op at 141 Main Road? Work planned for frontage – let’s hope something gets done – too many empty Shops along the Main Road.

Our Councillors   Must give credit here as Cllrs Melanie Stevens and Cllr Julian Bennington are doing a first rate job here in Biggin Hill for our Community, always ready to step in to try and get things sorted.   Sorting out the Bus Stop in Kings Road, and getting more Yellow Lines there are on their list, and only yesterday, we had a difficult situation at “The Laurels” Norheads Lane where the Contractors had closed the Pavement off and a Resident had a near miss with Traffic. More details can be found on our Website, and maybe by now some pictures. Both Councillors leapt (well, not literally!!) and the matter is being dealt with.   They attend our Committee Meetings when they can and we are most appreciative.

Annual General Meeting   MONDAY 9th NOVEMBER is the date, The W.I Hall is the Venue, 7.30pm SHARP is the time. Following the AGM, we are going to have a Q and A Session with our 3 Councillors (Cllr Richard Scoates – Darwin Ward) will join with Melanie and Julian to answer your LOCAL questions. Please make a date in your diary –should be fun!!!!

Media & Newsletter Website / Facebook / Twitter / all are in full swing I am reliably informed by our new “Media” Team ( being an old Dinasaur I really have very little idea what they are talking about, but they are young !!)   Seriously though we are trying to move our Association forward for YOU, but we need to see many new Members joining our Ranks (and paying their Subs). Go on our Website and see how easy it is to do join: Do log on and have a look, Ed is the Main Man with Graham backing him up.

Notifications I get quite a few warnings etc these days, so please look in your inboxes for these type of messages, they will be shown as from me / and BHRA. They come from The Police / Trading Standards / our local Councillors / Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) and it is always better to be warned, so YOU don’t get caught out!!

Finally, apart from this last Paragraph, which I shall continue to send out, these “Newsletters” will in future be done by one of our New Committee Members, Sally, and will hopefully start in September.

Have a great Summer Break, and let’s hope to see some SUN !!

Ken Gerry

Chairman, Biggin Hill Residents Association.

572108 or even better: 07977-544917


*UPDATE – Article published in the Biggin Hill News!*

BHNews July 2015