Poppies for Remembrance Sunday 2017

With interest and support in Remembrance Sunday increasing, rather than waning, as the years go by, towns, cities and villages are seeing a much greater outward manifestation of emotion and celebration over this important national event. It’s no longer an act which commemorates those who died in two world wars, it now embraces not only armed forces, but all people who have died in any conflict since. It’s a time to think and to take stock. In the uncertain times in which we live, where scarcely a week passes without a tragic event of one kind or another; it should continue to make us pause for thought. And what better day to do so than on the National Day of Remembrance.

It is our intention to flood the Village with poppies, the symbol of remembrance, in 2017. And so to encourage participation of all and to enhance the day for individuals, we’d like to offer the members of our community an opportunity to pitch in with us and help.

We will be decorating the Main Road from the Airport Entrance, past the War Memorial, and as far as St Winifred’s Road, with large poppies which will be placed on lamp posts and other suitable sites.

To help achieve this we’d like to invite residents to sponsor a large poppy which can be in memory of a specific person or a group. Even after seventy years since the end of WW2 and subsequent conflicts, there are many of us who have, in our family history, memories of relatives who died. Every decade brings new disasters, man-made natural, in which men and women of our country lose their lives. It is also a fitting way of remembering family and friends who are no longer with us.

We’re not asking for a huge amount but would ask for a minimum level of sponsorship of which is the cost of the poppy and includes a small donation to The Royal British Legion.  Your dedicated poppy will be displayed appropriately and your name, and the name of your remembered person or relative’s name, will be recorded and displayed near to the War Memorial during the week following the Service of Remembrance.

Please donate now by using our Paypal Buy Now button below. Please remember minimum online Donation of £5 and do not forget to add your name and the remembered persons name (in that order please!)

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