320 Bus Service

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In the last 8 weeks there seems to have been an increase of 320 Bus services terminating early at the airport. This leaves people of all ages and mobility stranded at the airport until the next service comes.

We have raised this a number of times including at our recent AGM. Cllr Melanie Stevens has confirmed

“At a recent public transport liaison meeting between LBB and The Bus Operator the performance manager from Orpington did assure us that it was their policy never to leave passengers on this particular route and location stranded, and if a bus had to curtail here then there would always be a replacement bus waiting. He did assure that drivers had been briefed never to leave people at this location with no access to the valley but it appears that this is not actually the case.”

If you find yourself on a terminating service at the airport, please email me (admin@bigginhillresidentsassociation.co.uk ) with the date, time and any other relevant details and I will raise them to Cllr Melanie Stevens to raise with the Council.