Beware of Local Burglaries

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There have been a number of burglaries in Biggin Hill recently and we are being asked by Police to be vigilant and try to deter these would be thieves.

There are a couple of suggested ways:

  •  Do NOT leave any Tools in Cars / Vans parked overnight, we have had at least two reports of this.
  •  At this time of the year, a favourite one is to get into your property through the front door / window while you are working in your back garden, and in reverse. Always make sure that your property is as secure as you can make it.
  • Shut and lock your windows when you are out of the house (even the small top opening windows!)

If burglars can find an easy route into our homes, they will continue to burglar and the problem could escalate – something we don’t want and we can do something about,

Ken Gerry