Biggin Hill Airport

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For the first time since it opened in 1917, Biggin Hill Airport will introduce a defined noise limit for aircraft operations. As promised during the consultation on opening hours, it is half that previously envisaged by the Council’s 1997 Unitary Development Plan.

Earlier this year, over 30,000 local residents backed a proposal for slightly longer airport operating hours in one of Bromley’s largest ever public consultations. Councillors also backed the plans in principle.

Working with the Council and its noise experts, Cole Jarman, over the last six months, the airport has prepared the new noise limit based on forecast of aircraft movements. As promised during the consultation, this will be no more than 2010 levels – around 50,000 annual movements by 2020 (with a movement defined as either a take-off or landing). To put that into context, in the 1980’s there were 200,000 annual movements.

The plan will be reviewed every five years,
There will also be tighter controls on light aircraft, which are the subject of the many noise complaints, including the no-fly zones already introduced along with bans on circuit training before 9am and after 5pm on summer weekends.