Chairmans Report from AGM

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Chairman’s Report 2015/16

The last year has been a good year for our Association, busy, with new things being started, New younger Members consolidating our Committee, bringing new fresh ideas and taking us forward.  Our “Mission Statement” (to use modern terms) – “Working for the Community” has been as important to us through the year as it has been since the Association was formed, and will always continue to be why we exist.

Each Committee Member has a specific Job/Role to do, it’s not a one person show, but as well as getting on with things we also work as a Team, coming together for bigger events.

None was bigger than our way of celebrating HM the Queen’s 90th Birthday at Blundells on Sunday 12th June. This was dreamt up by one of our Committee thinking we could do a better job here, locally,  and not charge £150 per ticket that Folk were being charged at The Mall, and we did. Hundreds joined us for what we hope was a truly memorable afternoon for everyone, maybe now we have got our breath back we will be able to do more.

Our Normal work continued, with what I call our “Bread and butter” work, serving on many Committees (Airport, Police, Road Safety, Business, and more) and keeping a finger on the pulse of what does – or in some cases does not happen. In that way we can try to respond, to help, to change and to put things right that sometimes go wrong.  To help us along the way, we work closely with our local Councillors, Melanie Stevens and Julian Benington, and I would like to thank them for all their help, and that of course works two ways. Often the task we are presented with seems difficult or maybe even impossible, but we look at all problems and try to find a way to solve them.

Communication has seen the biggest move forward, that word “Media” has come into our vocabulary, at times leaving some of us Dinosaurs struggling to cope, but we are getting there!!    Our regular Newsletters are sent out by Email, on our Website and put up in our new Notice Boards (Roundways and Top of Stock Hill).  The Website is receiving a great deal of “Hits” (see, I’m learning the jargon!!) and information useful to the Community, such as Road Closures and works / planning issues / anything really that we think would help, are placed on the website as soon as we hear, hopefully providing a new and fast service to you.  I would really recommend the Site and hope you find it a valuable and useful tool to use for the future.

For me this year has been a bit of a reality check, health and age have slowed me down, so it’s time to step down to allow those younger, fitter Committee Members with their new ways of doing things to take the Association forward, and I am confident they will.

Ken Gerry    Chairman Biggin Hill Residents Association                                     October 2016.