Hardest Day

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At 1pm yesterday at Biggin Hill Airport over 3,000 people watched as 25 Spitfire and 6 Hurricane second World War fighter planes took to the sky, re enacting and reminding us all present of this day 75 years ago.

Churchill recorded it as “The Hardest Day” for “The Few” who took on the might of the Nazi war Machine. Great loses were made on both sides, but in the end Hitler was forced to abandon his ambition to Invade our Country. As we get old and times change, the danger is we forget moments in our Proud History which made our Country great.

I was delighted and honoured to join so many watching the Flypast, at the Air Base which more than any other encapsulated our determination to succeed.

I hope to be around for the 80th Celebration.

Ken Gerry

Chairman, Biggin Hill Residents Association