Local Scam – Don’t fool for it!

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A colleague in a local ward has advised that they dealt with a scam that we haven’t had in Bromley for a while.

A resident had a knock on the door by a man saying that tiles were going to be delivered and could they have his phone number in case they needed to park over his drive. He gave them his phone number.

At 10am the resident received a phone call from a male saying that the drains outside his house and around the corner needed replacing/sorting (and that his name was My Myers they from Waste management giving a 0800 number) and that they needed some money for a deposit for machinery to sort the problem out. They called more than once and were very persuasive. In the end my resident went to the bank and withdrew a large sum of money.

A male then turned up at his door and collected the money.

Male was described as a male in his 30’s/40’s, stocky build, English accent and maybe driving a Silver Estate car.

PLEASE, please be aware of this scam and forward this to everyone and highlight this to any of your relatives and any venerable people.

If you feel that someone may have been scammed by this, do call 101 to report.

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