Main Road – Update on Roadworks

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There has been a change in some of the traffic management for the upcoming resurfacing works at Main Road, Biggin Hill.

Part of the resurfacing is unable to be managed under temporary signals due to the width of the road and the resurfacing vehicles/equipment that is needed on site. The section affected is in between Saltbox Hill and Sunningvale Avenue. The way around this issue would be to close this section of Main Road to through traffic.

This part of the works will not be completed during the daytime when traffic flows are at their peak, but will take place out of hours. The road will be closed on Thursday 23/02/2017 and Friday 24/02/2017 between the hours of 22:00-04:00. The road will be open at all other times. The only part of the road that will be closed is the section being worked on (between Saltbox Hill and Sunningvale Avenue).

Whilst the closure is in place, traffic will be diverted via Saltbox Hill, Oaklands Lane, Norheads Lane, Stock Hill, Lebanon Gardens, Main Road in both directions. HGVs will not be diverted along this route and will be made to wait and then convoyed through the works by traffic marshals every 10-15 minutes.