Open Meeting – 23rd February

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The meeting led by Colin (representing the airport) and Ken and Brian (from Biggin Hill Residents Association) – 28 people were in attendance

Ken introduced the meeting with a the background of the idea of a Biggin Hill H.M. Queens birthday party and highlighted although the residents association are happy to lead with the event, it needed the community help and support.

Colin then took to the floor and confirmed he was fully supportive of helping the community hold a party. Although he was more than happy to help with the organisation of a party on Sunday, Saturday maybe more viable. Sunday would require a lot of organisation in terms of stewarding and would have a full clean up operation going onsite at the same time. Colin could offer a marque on the day of the Airshow in the VIP area to the association at cost price making no profit from it himself. The marque would be supplied with table and chairs and an outside garden. The association would need to decorate it accordingly. All present in the meeting agreed this be a better option than Sunday.

Colin confirmed tickets to this year’s event would be for adults £19.50 or £15 for resident’s association members and free to all under 15s. It was suggested that the association could charge £5 extra for adults for admittance to the marquee (so bringing the price up to a normal ticket price of £20). People would need to pay for the Airshow and would be unable to join the vip marque on just a marque ticket.

The marque would be available from 2pm on Friday for the association to decorate. On the day of the Airshow the gates open at 0930 with first flight displays at 1300 and last displays between 1700-1730. Tickets would be purchased only in advance of the day. If the association had specific entertainment with participants not interested in the Airshow exhibitor’s passes could be provided. He was supportive of the marque having its own licensed bar provided by Blundells but this needed further clarifying with regards to the license.

The meeting closed with any other business and a general discussion about the event. Although there is a lot of work, all were very excited about the opportunity of hosting the party!

Other events mentioned –

– 18th March a bring and tell me event at the chapel to share stories of the time during the wall.  From 11-4pm.

– Police – There has been a recent rise in number plate thefts. The police are offering tamper proof screws which can be picked up on Saturday 2-3pm at the community police station.

– Fire – continue to offer free smoke alarms. Contact details on our website

– Brian raised a recent  gas leak at his property which his wife and he could not smell. Research suggests 75% of over 60s may not be able to smell gas. The Emergency gas services attended and confirmed it was very close to being a gas explosion. He suggested people can buy a gas detection meter for £10.

– Association is hoping to hold EU referendum in and out meeting

– Association also looking at the fire cover in biggin hill, currently when one appliance is in training Orpington and new addington cover the area. There is some debate if they can respond the required response time. Ken sees this as an area wide issue and wants involve other associations and have a joint review

– Association may also hold mayor debate.