Road Works on Leaves Green

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We have been made aware of two sets of upcoming roadworks on Leaves Green Road.

The first is starting tomorrow (Wednesday 21/10/2015) close to the junction with Blackness Lane. BT will have two way lights in place for three consecutive days between the hours of 10:00-16:00. The temporary lights will be down for rush hour peaks and down overnight.

The second set of roadworks is again close to the junction of Blackness Lane. Thames Water have a customer with sewage problems and will be starting their repair next Monday 26/10/2015 for one week. Lights will be up for the whole duration of works and will be manually controlled by Thames during the peak hours to help ease congestion during the busier rush hours. Works are being done during the half term week when traffic is slightly lighter. Advance warning signs will be displayed on site by tomorrow/Thursday to warn motorists of the disruption.

On a different note, as I am sure you know our AGM is coming up on the 9th November at the WI hall. We have also arranged for a representative from our local police team to join the Q&A session with our local Ward Councillors following the AGM event.