The Airport – The Future Decided.

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On Wednesday evening, after a marathon special Council Meeting, The Executive of the London Borough of Bromley voted to allow the variation in the operating hours sought by Biggin Hill Airport Limited. The alteration in operating hours will allow for a small amount of extra aircraft movements in and out of The Airport. The effect of this will be to make The Airfield more attractive to operators and companies seeking to locate to our area.

Extra traffic should not be excessive and new checks are to be put into place to nullify noise and disruption to residents of Biggin Hill and the surrounding area. Thes will consist of a state of the art noise monitoring system. A traffic tracking system, which will be accessible by members of the public and a new approach track designed to allow a more neighbour-friendly arrival and departure track. More long-term, the VOR beacon marking the centre of the ‘stack’ used by inbound aircraft to London Heathrow is to be shut down. This will have the effect of reducing aircraft noise, currently attributed to Biggin Hill Airport, made by aircraft ‘holding’.

We look forward to an era of local, and indeed, Boroughwide prosperity in which BHAL will play a part. Plans for the proposed Aviation College are to move forward, this should give more training and, subsequently, employment prospects to youngsters in our area.

We have always considered Biggin Hill Airport to be good neighbours and we have tried to be supportive. It’s now hoped that we can move forward together.