Westerham Road / Heathfield Road Roundabout Works

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Update from Councillor Melanie Stevens –
I have an update on the Westerham Road / Heathfield Road roundabout works.
The works are expected to be completed within the next two weeks.
Part of the final stages of the works involve the resurfacing of the carriageway ‎and this will mean that Heathfield Road will need to be closed to traffic on the following dates
Wednesday 14/12/2016
Thursday 15/12/2016
Friday 16/12/2016
Heathfield Road will be closed between the hours of 09:00-15:00 on the above dates with traffic being diverted via Croydon Road.
Westerham Road will be open to traffic at all times‎ and whilst the road closure is in place in Heathfield Road, traffic will be managed under two way signals on Westerham Road.
Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.
At other times, the junction will continued to be managed under temporary three way signals, with manual control during peak times.
There is one contingency day planned for Monday 19/12/2016 incase works over run and Heathfield Road needs an additional one day’s closure. This will be confirmed at the end of next week.
Buses that serve Heathfield Road will continue to run but will not serve Heathfield Road and will be diverted via Westerham Road and Croydon Road. Further information regarding this should be updated onto TFL’s website.