Lusted Hall Lane closed for 1 week

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Lusted Hall lane soak-away scheme will be starting works Monday 29/06/2015, the road will be closed for 1 week weather permitting and diversions will be in place.

Advanced road closure signs will be erected in Lusted Hall lane in various locations today and a letter drop to the residents in lusted hall lane and St. Mary’s green to warn them that the works is going to be carried out next week.

Updated 25th June

The closure will be between the Upper Drive and Lillie Road residents will be able to get out and onto Lusted Hall Lane but only head off in one direction, either up it down the lane.

This is a very awkward location to undertake highway drainage works and it is unfortunate that that residents will be subject to traffic significant disruption.

The Council seek to minimise the disruption but they do have to make a connection across the one and only entrance /exit to St Marys Green. This is to pick up significant flows before they come off the main road.

They will be widening the bellmouth temporarily to allow vehicles …. including the refuse collection vehicle … to get in and out of the estate.

While the site is closed off they will install two soakaway chambers , the increased capacity at this location (where there is space on the verge) will help to reduce storm flows reaching the known flood prone location at the bottom of the valley. Adding this second soakaway may push the works into a second week but I have been led to believe it’s worth the extra effort to secure the extra storage capacity in one go.

This work should resolve all the issues on the lane when it rains heavily which in turn will mean that the whole lane will look more presentable

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