Biggin Hill Airport Report due in Autumn

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Update provided from Bromley Council for interested residents –

A report about operating hours at Biggin Hill Airport is not being considered at the Council’s Executive meeting on 9 September contrary to some reports.

Correspondence being received by the Council suggests that some residents mistakenly believe that a decision about the operating hours at Biggin Hill Airport Limited will be made on 9 September. Biggin Hill Airport’s proposal to extend their operating hours will be discussed at a future Council meeting with the date not yet set but most likely to be later in the Autumn.

Councillor Stephen Carr, Leader of Bromley Council said, “There continues to be considerable interest in Biggin Hill Airport and the correspondence we have received from interested residents has been helpful and duly noted. Although some residents have thought that the operating hours have already been changed, factually, no decision about operating hours has yet been taken and the hours remain exactly as they are, with some residents confusing Heathrow bound traffic with Biggin Hill Airport.”
Councillor Carr added, “Prior to any Council meeting about this, we will publicise in advance both the report and the meeting date. This way, interested residents can make comments about the report which can be considered or attend if the meeting if they choose to do so. But, this will not be on the 9 September and I would not want people to attend in the mistaken belief it was on the agenda for discussion.”
The news follows the Council and Executive meeting in March which considered BHAL’s proposals, including the change in operating hours. The Motion which the Executive resolved to agree was, “That subject to agreement from the airport to all concessions conditions and obligations which can reasonably be required in consideration for agreeing a variation to the Operating Criteria in the Third Schedule to the lease and subject to the Executive being satisfied with the concessions conditions and obligations negotiated, the executive should then agree in principle to the extension of hours and consult again with Council before the final decision is made.” Discussions with BHAL about the proposals have continued since Council meeting in March, with the outcomes being published in a report which will made publicly available prior to the Council meeting.
Interested residents or groups who want to comment can already e-mail or by writing to the Airport Consultation Group, Bromley Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR1 3UH.

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