History of Biggin Hill

Only a few other places in England have had a more interesting history over the last 100 years than Biggin Hill. Our favourite book is Grandfather’s Biggin Hill (extract can be found here) and one of our favourite websites is http://www.bigginhill-history.co.uk which offers a brilliant photographic record of the area. We also strongly recommend the two Bob Ogley books, Ghosts of Biggin Hill and Biggin on the Bump, which can be found in the Biggin Hill Memorial Library.

The RAF Chapel also provides a brilliant insight into what “a few” went through and what the base and the local area went through during WWII. There are also reminders of the importance of the RAF base in many of our street names:

Dowding Road – named after Air Vice-Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, Head of Fighter Command
Crossley Close – named after Squadron Leader Michael Crossley, Ace Hurricane pilot, nicknamed “the Red Knight”
Malan Close – named after Base Commander “Sailor” Malan (no wonder he had a nickname as his real name was Adolf)!

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